Image of a sliver moon in the sky

The new moon is my favorite part of each month. It’s a chance for all of us to start fresh, begin new projects, and get clear on our intentions and what we want to accomplish or manifest into our lives.

Why is the time of the new moon ideal for this? The new moon kicks off the waxing period of la lune: the time when we see the moon grow bigger in the sky until it peaks at the full moon. The new moon until the full moon is a time of expansion, great for making progress on our dreams and goals, and it’s a good time for focusing on prosperity and abundance, or basically anything you want to grow or make happen on a larger scale. That’s also why new moons are the time to write a new moon wish list.

Here’s what you need to know to create a new moon wish list. My new moon wish list basics come from my own experience of what works for me and from what I’ve learned from others over the years. In particular, New Moon Astrology by Jan Spiller is a tremendous resource for taking your new moon wishing to the next level. It offers tons of tips on how to write out your wishes and breaks down opportunity areas by what sign the new moon is in.

How to write a new moon wish list

1. Write your wishes down on paper.

You can keep it simple and write them down with a pen or pencil, or you can really infuse your new moon wish list with lots of creative and fun energy using colored pencils or markers, and decorating it with sketches, stickers, glitter, etc. It’s completely up to you!

2. Write your wishes as close to the time of the new moon as possible.

New moon wishes should be written within the first eight hours after the new moon takes place, and ideally at the time of the new moon or immediately after. I always give the date, time, and sign of the new moon in my horoscopes when it’s a new moon week, so the time of the new moon is easy to find!

3. Write wishes that are for you, and not for somebody else.

This one is really important. While you may want to make a wish for a friend or loved one for a situation in their life to turn out a certain way, or for them to get something they’re in need of or that you think would make them happier, the wishes you make have to be for you. If you do want to help someone, you can wish for yourself to easily receive knowledge or resources that you can then share with the person you’d like to see assisted.

4. Write more than one wish, but no more than ten wishes.

Know that it’s also okay to write the same wish more than once on your wish list, phrased in different ways.

5. Make sure your wishes resonate with you.

You need to believe in your wishes and to be making your wishes for the right reasons.

Once you’ve written your new moon wish list, read it over and set it aside. It’s fun to go back and read your old new moon wish lists months or years later. I’ve done this and have been surprised by the wishes I forgot I made that became reality.


Have you ever written a new moon wish list, or do you plan to for the next new moon? Let me know in the comments, and be share to share these new moon wish list tips with friends who would enjoy them!

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