I’ve been fascinated by both astronomy and astrology for most of my life. If you’re ever somewhere far away from city lights at night, or on an airplane at night, sitting in a window seat while you fly high above the clouds, take a peek at the sky. It’s breathtaking, and the constellations shine bright.

I grew up reading horoscopes in newspapers and magazines, and it was in early 2003 that I became deeply interested in learning more about astrology. That was when I became an avid reader of a few astrologers, including Jonathan Cainer, Eric Francis, and Yasmin Boland. Later on, I began reading horoscopes by the Astro Twins. Along with keeping up with astrology during this time, I did a lot of self-study, including learning how to read a natal chart and diving in to whatever I could find about the houses, signs, planetary transits, and more. I would eventually immerse myself even deeper into study after completing an astrology course taught by the Astro Twins, and I continue to take courses related to astrology. (As I write this, I’m currently taking the Interstellar Star School course offered by RAMA TV, since it combines astrology and Kundalini yoga.)

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